07 July 2012


assalamualaikum blog ku yg tercinta. are u doing well? yeah. lama nda buka since i started my sch life. eh? sch eh? a'ah. sch la sangat. aha. my time has been stole by some sch tasks tho. there's no time for sighing :(

almost 2 months i'd become a student. FORM 6 student actually. at first it's hard for me to get along. yeah. i dont have much friend. yeah much. not a lot. but days passing by, i started getting the flow of form 6 environment. sch uniform? klu yg itu, mmg sda biasa pun. haha XD i mean, i accept a lot of things and started to open up my mind that study in form six doesn't mean u one of the 'tercicir' student that can't make to any university or matriculation college. yeah. i have to admit that some ppl looked down on form 6; "GOING TO THE UNIVERSITY OR ANY COLLEGE IS ONLY WAY U CAN SUCCESS IN LIFE." "FORM 6? SERIOUSLY. IT'S USELESS. PLUS, U JUST WASTE YOUR TIME." "FORM 6? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

everybody has their own future. different is the way they create, the way they lead themselves to become a 'PERSON'. a 'SOMEBODY'. ppl, if u think that going to some universities/colleges promising u brighter future. then, why the government serve some places for form 6 student to pursue their study in degree level? wake up la MALAYSIAN. as long as u have the will to study. anywhere u can succeed (in sya Allah).

yes. here, i have my 'pendirian' i'll keep my feet on form 6.

im writing this entry bcoz few days ago, my friends told me i was listed for the 2nd intake at the UMS and they told me to accept the offer. forcing me actually. haha. thx friends. then the other day, a FRIEND named _____________ call me. she said this:

SHE : "Wawa. masuk la kau sini. masih sempat bh ne. smlm pun ada juga yg baru masuk. masih sempat. cepat la kau pack barang mue."

ME : "Haha. nda apa la. lagipun aku tawar hati sda mau trima tawaran. stay f6 ja."

SHE : "Ui wa. apa lg kau mau tolak. masa depan mue bh ne. and blablablabla."

that time. i feel like; what? so u're saying that, i don't have future if i stay in form 6?

ppl. once again, tell your mind to open up. doesnt mean u're college or university student u're good. yeah. don't look down on ALLAH's rezeki. for sure, everyone deserves success. bcos. REZEKI ALLAH ADA DI MANA2. TINGGAL KAU CARI (usaha) SEJA. KAN? 

peace V^.^

no hate ppl. just some mind opening words from me. chill your days. baii