04 July 2013

Common feeling

I din go to sch today sbb penat gilerrrr. Well actually nda siap hw. Final sem tpi malas makin membukit. And the syllabus for all subjects are r not-so-interesting. Bio also! I slept in tchr chung's class last monday while she babbling on the slides. I really enjoy procrastinating my works. I left my last month hw undone and i just finished it today. And it's in the midst of july. Dats why i din go to sch. Our maid already gone to her place. So umi and i have to do all the craps in dis house which i put it on +ve side as indoor exercise. I've to do the laundry, feed the pets, clean up their shits all this that exclude sweeping the floor and cook. And luckily my brothers 'helped' me much. Burdensome. I nvr get my beauty sleep since then i've to look after them. Balik sekolah, no time sangat2 utk tgk tv like before. Nvr hv time for novels anymore. My routine is completely changed.

So ive to go now. Will write soon.