17 January 2010

no anythingg...

so bored laa. no sms-ing; no eat-ing; no walk-ing; no everyt-ing. just homework-ing. im so tired of this and that thing. huee. sam! iny nw. imy nw. wait-ing2 for him. bru jk ysterday sms-ing. then, stop. no kdit for sms-ing. im not finished yet to release my miss-ing. god. i really miss him nw. starr-ing at my cellphn every 5minutes. hope-ing he will sms me. but hopeless. i go on the ym. wait-ing again. no respon. noth-ing. so hopeless. ohh my~

" bie. imy. hujan turun this whole day. want to meet u bh today. but sorry. the rain not give-ing me any permission to go out there. i rlly miss u! "

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