10 December 2011

the best day ever :)

haha. okay. the title. yaa. kmarin hri yg bessst jg laa. mm. bnyk bnda aku buat.
1) i sing the song IT WILL RAIN kuat2!
2) we were chase by pepatung. ee! mcm kna bubut zombie. teriak2 brabis. haha! luka tgn aku :'(
3) i'd cried. watching chinese movie. ohh. WHY ME, SWEETIE?! uuu.
4) i ate more than 6 times tht day.
5) b4 i went to sleep, i played the word search wit mimi. while the music played.
6) i sing BULAN 8 DI SANDAKAN. while playing the word search.
7) mm.
8) :D

huu. thts all. things i did. they'd make my day.

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