19 December 2011

GPS bisu :D

here's the story
after we hving our dinner, we went to the car for home
but my abah dnt knw which road shud he takes
then, umi said,
"cba kau paking dlu. psg gps tuh"
abah took the gps and place it on the window in front of him
but the gps acts 'weird'
then, i remembered
the gps was low batt
i told my abah
but he didnt listen

he started to drive the car
umi said
"ai. knp sda gps tuh? cba kau jln kiri."
the gps as usual
showing the way
but the unusual was the gps not 'talking'
(i told them already)
then abah realize the gps not talking anymore
he said
"knp sda gps ne ndk b'ckp? hmm.
he added then
"paluipalui. ndk b'ckp sda c'kwn."
haha. ok
he drove by himself
take the cincai way
then suddenly
"TURN LEFT IN 100Meter"
ai? how can? ckp abis batt
but abah just ignoring it
mls mw layan eh


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