01 December 2011

mrsm tawau :)

the title. okay.
1stly. mrsm. school of mine. i mean. aku prna jdi student d'mrsm tawau.
2ndly. i learnt many things there.
-i learnt how to live. stand on my own feet.
-i learnt to being grateful on wht i have.
-i learnt the meaning of friend. i found many friends there wif various types :)
-i learnt wht is the bless. bless frm ALLAH, parents n teachers.
-i learnt how to be strong inside.
-i learnt the meaning of LOVE. instead of LOVING one person, i love many things there.
-i learnt how to struggle. :D
-i learnt the SEMANGAT SATU BATCH. huu.
-i learnt how to give forgiveness.
3rdly. i learnt many many many many more things there.
4thly. thx for being teaching me such those thing. i appreciate :'D
5thly. eventhough b4 this. i was hoping i can get out frm there A.S.A.P, but now i realized. it's hard to left those things behind.

to all my friends. dnt delete me frm ur cerebellum. okay?
sna la tmpt kta jdi adik beradik.
mkn sma2. tidur sma2. pegi sch sma2. smua sma2 kn.
i'll always pray the best for us.
goodluck HIDUP, kawan kawan :)
till we meet again.
sayangg kmu smua!

with love,

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